With unabashed honesty and a keen sense of humor, David shares his challenges and triumphs as he takes a journey down the self-help road. His personal stories are relatable and the lessons learned applicable in today’s society.

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Everyday Lessons Every Day

Do you ever wonder if your relationships could be better? Do you believe your way is always the best way? Do you often regret how you handle situations in your home? Does your family walk on eggshells around you? Do you ever want to be a better version of yourself?

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As a professional speaker and trainer, David McBee has inspired thousands of salespeople and business owners all while his own relationships suffered. After many years of struggling, he decided to make a change. Though David was a fan of self-help books for years, he realized he more often tried to get others to follow the advice than he would follow it himself. With this newfound understanding, David mapped out a plan to improve his relationships. Part of that plan was to read 20 minutes a day, every day, from a quality self-help book and apply the wisdom to his own life.

In his debut book, Everyday Lessons Every Day, David shares what he learned from these readings and how he used that knowledge to improve his relationships with his wife, children, parents and even his mother-in-law. His willingness to show the reader his Mr. Hyde side is refreshing and what makes this book relatable to everyone.

From road rage to aging parents and dealing with teens to adult children at home, David puts it all out there as he sometimes trudges down the path to a better way of life. He didn’t follow his plan perfectly, but there was a lesson to be learned from that, too. Come with David on his journey. There’s sure to be something you can learn from this dad, husband and father who just wanted to be a better version of himself.

David McBee is an author, trainer and professional speaker. He works with sales representatives and business owners around the world teaching and creating curriculum about the intricacies of internet marketing. Considered an expert in his field, David is known for his passion, sense of humor and talent for making the complicated simple.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, this Eagle Scout earned a BFA in Theater from Avila University and spent his twenties as a salesperson and entrepreneur. Though David found success in both, he preferred the personal development side of business and switched his focus to training. Helping others become their best selves is what led him to write Everyday Lessons Every Day. David’s humble hope is to enhance his readers’ lives emotionally and spiritually with this honest look into his journey to grateful.

David is married to his best friend and they have a son and a daughter. His passions include family, travel, barbecue, jeeps, the outdoors and reading.

“I found Everyday Lessons Every Day to be truly inspiring. Every chapter provided me with a fresh new way to approach the challenges in my own life, and I finished the book feeling hopeful and better equipped to make positive changes in my personal relationships.”

Amy D.

“David’s book is the hip trendy new version of that Yoga class that you just can’t stop attending and want to tell all of your friends about.”

Jonathan B.

“David McBee delivers a powerful, relatable and humorous view into the world of every spouse, parent, co-worker, and friend. He is real, raw and honest with his readers, providing real-life suggestions to tackling everyday issues we all face. Everyday Lessons Every Day is a fun, relatable and easy-to-read guide through the years of experience David brings his readers.”

Liz B.

“McBee’s maiden voyage into the literary world of self-help and personal development is a spot on home run. Sometimes very critical of himself, his relatable stories often challenged me to rethink how I could handle my own struggles in a more positive way.”

Todd C.

One of the most relatable books I’ve ever read. The author’s no-nonsense lessons are immediate takeaways that you can begin using every day.

Brian T.

Knowing how respected David is professionally, I eagerly thought he would be sharing technical wisdom in the world of digital media. What I read was so much more valuable.

Joseph P.

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